Our Story

headfullofmagic.com is  a brainchild of two life long friends that was established in 2008.  One whom has been suffering from crippling arthritis for 75% of his life while the other has been recently diagnosed with a non-curable ailment and both have found that the use of medical marijuana has been found to assist with their excruciating pain.

headfullofmagic.com was established to assist those whom need medical marijuana to help them live their everyday lives.

Providing them with unbiased reviews of products and services that they would prefer to know more about rather than spending several hundred dollars only to find out that a) it does not meet their needs or quite simple does not live up to its promise.

Since we both have  medical marijuana certificates from our physicians trying and sampling different strains, and products will all be done completely legally and the tasting and sampling of these types of products will only be done by either one of us.

headfullofmagic.com is a non-profit organization so we rely on the generosity of the makers and producers of products and services that assist people who need and use medical marijuana  for us to review and share with our readers.

Once we have reviewed the items we will dispense them to various compassion clubs based here in the lower mainland.

Please go to the contact us page if you have any questions or concerns about products to be reviewed.

Thank you